Updates on a Busy Life

After vowing to post more frequently I haven’t. What a surprise. I guess once a month is more often than once every six months. But hey, a lot has been going on. We moved to Indy. I knitted a thing. That’s a lot, right?

So yeah, Indianapolis. It’s nothing like when I lived in Phoenix, but I missed the city life. Indy is strange because it has a city feel and a country feel at the same time. We are driving down a road next to huge buildings, then a mile later we are in a corn field. I don’t dislike it. I could do with a little less corn, though.

Kennedy loves the new house

One thing I like about being here is that there is always somewhere to go. In Evansville, everything was closed between 6 and 8 pm. You weren’t supposed to go to parks and trails after sunset. But here, downtown is well lit. It probably goes without saying that Pokemon Go is taking over downtown Indy. I love it. I think I’ll make friends soon.

Kennedy met a twin at the canal!

I’ve been knitting a lot lately, too. I bought a cowl pattern like two years ago that I loved – it was actually the first pattern I ever spent money on. I started the cowl then promptly lost track of the project. Lately I had the urge to finish it but I couldn’t find the bag I stuck it in with all the moving. Any excuse to buy more yarn, amiright? Of course, shortly after I started the new cowl I found the old one! After finishing up the second one I started, I dragged the old one out again. They’ve got different feels and I can’t decide which one I like more.

Any knitters in the Indy area need a new friend? Cause I’m free all the time.