Mandatory “Is it fall yet?” post, and also relevant things

It’s a beautiful day here in Indy. It’s warm with a nice cool breeze, and the sun is out. I drove with the windows down. I wore a green dress. I bought a pumpkin chai. Is it fall now? But really, my wedding is next month, and I’m starting to freak out. Where has this year even gone?

It’s hiding with the Q-Tips, Ma.

So I came across an interesting pattern the other day. I’ve been on the quest of a lifetime (or at the very least, the quest of a few good years) to find cables like this:


I stopped in my local knitting shop and asked if the employees could point me in the right direction. I ended up with this pattern, for a hat. Not really what I wanted, but I’m like, eh I’ll give it a try. So I’ve got this print out, I’ve got my needles and some hella cool yarn, and I cast on and join in the round…. Except wait! This hat is worked flat! What? I’ve never, ever seen a hat worked flat. And I’ve also yet to find a reason as to why this is worked flat. Did Patons just not want to frighten people? Cables and working in the round, oh no!

Anyway, here’s my progress on this freaking-weird pattern so far:


If anyone has an idea as to how to make cables like the ones above, I would really appreciate it.


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